Frequently Asked Questions

The best day to start is day 5. We will then test daily until the number reaches a certain point which signifies that breed is ovulating and then when it drops you would mate the following day.

We recommend day 30 to 35. Any earlier and we may not be able to determine if they are pregnant as they would be too small.  After day 35 the puppies would be getting quite big and starting to line up in the utirine horn. We may be able to determine if they are pregnant, but would not be able to provide an indication of how many there are. 

It is best to microchip your pets from age 6 weeks. We can microchip, puppies, kittens, dogs, cats and rabbits. A puppy must be chipped by the age of 8 weeks and before they are sold. Unless an exemption certificate is granted by a veterinary surgeon if the puppy is too small or if there are health reasons.

We accept bank transfer, Super, cash or card reader. You can our Payment Portal here.